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Fifty Shades Of Oral Pleasure Guide by Marisa Bennett

Fifty Shades Of Oral Pleasure Guide by Marisa Bennett

In a time when taboo erotica novels are replacing the books on our coffee tables, it is no wonder that couples are exploring the naughtiest sides of sex, from silk ties and whips to candle wax and ben wa balls. But what about kink’s greatest predecessor, its founding father the blow job? Oral sex has been one of the hottest ways to get off since the invention of the mouth, so what better way to get back to your roots and perfect your tantalizing techniques?

This sexy how to guide takes you through the hers, his and us approaches to oral bliss. Get a sexy re-education on anatomy, build your oral arsenal for the most earth shattering orgasms, bring in the kink, and try new oral positions with the help of some artfully drawn sketches. For foreplay or for your play, read some of the steamy erotica excerpts of oral sex that have been included to get you both riled and ready!

Marisa Bennett takes you down lust-paved roadways to erotic oral play and beyond. This enthusiastic, witty, and sexy road map will bring you to the best oral sex you are about to have!
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